Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Pidato Bhs Inggris

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
First let us pray gratitude to Allah SWT for His mercy and grace at this point we can Mulud commemorate the Prophet Muhammad in a sunny, good health is no less anything.
May the greetings and blessings to our master always terlimpah Great Prophet Muhammad that have led mankind from the dark age to age bright with the establishment of the Islamic religion.

Ladies and gentlemen of the blessed!

Warning Maulud Prophet which are usually held widely throughout the country we should not just an activity that is external upaccara, but more than it should so that is really a good opportunity to reflect deeply and take in the meaning and significance of the birth of a the last prophet and messenger that carries instructions from Allah the Almighty who provide role models for all mankind.
Ladies and gentlemen of the blessed!
In essence, trust the truth of the revelation which has been brought by Prophet Muhammad and follow role models who have been given by him is at the core rather than the Prophet's Warning Maulud.
In this case God has said in Surat Al-Ahzab: 21:


By considering the significance and meaning of the verses mentioned above it is clear that the warning is Maulud Prophet Muhammad, is also an opportunity for introspection to which our ability to follow the guidance and role models who have been given by our Prophet Muhammad.

Ladies and gentlemen of the blessed!

In this happy occasion that there are some things we need to think together in order to reap the role models that have been exemplified in the fairy life and the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
In the life of the nation as a nation are now being built to create a better future, a lot of role models that we learned from the journey of life of Prophet Muhammad SAW well since he was young and after being appointed as a prophet, among other models on a daily lifestyle the day.
Happiness and enjoyment of life experienced by the Prophet Muhammad, it is not the delicacy and grandeur of the outward life, but happiness and pleasure that is found in simplicity. Demands a simple life supported by a strong personality, noble character and behavior of a loving and gentle is a crown of beauty that adorned the life of Prophet Muhammad.
By considering the range of the Prophet's life history that illustrates how his lifestyle and relationship with the people around him, then all of which reflect the behavior of modesty and simplicity of life.
So what can I say, may be beneficial to us all. Amin.
Finally Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.